Our Philosophy

Powering Frictionless Recruiting

We are passionate about moving recruiting process from “an art to science”; we automate recruitment processes that don’t require human intervention; our Recruitment Process Automation platform creates a seamless workflow aligning with your recruitment process.

Who we are

We are a global SaaS HR technology provider, offering AI powered Talent Acquisition Platform for recruitment process automation.

Our Vision

Deliver transformational recruitment platforms and intelligent HR solutions

Our Mission

Make recruiting frictionless through AI automation

Our Values

Outcome matters

Change lives for good

Agile, transparent and accountable execution

Transformational innovation to amplify value to all customers

Our team


Shivaji is a Technocrat, Innovator and entrepreneur. His extensive Software Industry exposure from Cisco Systems and StartUps, vast experience in dealing with Product Innovation, M&A, Business Growth, and his abilities to set the Culture, People Mentorship made him think out-of-the-box, Innovate during chaos to emerge as a “Conscious Leader”.

Shivaji Mukthavaram

CEO & Founder

Rana is an accomplished professional with expertise in HRTech, AI, and Quantum Computing. At MapRecruit, he is leading global initiatives, mentoring teams, and driving ROI through AI solutions. Previously, he co-founded IndiQ, worked with IBM Quantum Research, and developed quantum applications at Multiverse Computing. An IIT Kharagpur alumnus, Rana has contributed to quantum research and shared his knowledge with startups and through webinars / seminars.

Rana Prathap

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Vinay is an HR tech professional with experience building AI based global products & solutions for Talent Acquisition for large Enterprises. He is passionate about simplicity and user experience. He leads the product development, customer implementations, and customer success team.

Vinay Kashyap Kukkadapu

Director of Product

As a conscientious person, Sandeep naturally tends to be very diligent and seeking perfection. As a self-starter, he is always eager to learn new things, solve challenging problems, experiment different algorithms, chase outliers that gives personal satisfaction.

Sai Sandeep Reddy Godi

Product Architect

Why Maprecruit?

Our differentiation

Comprehensive Knowledge Graph continually grows using Machine Learning, maintains the Ontology of relevant entities within 20+ HR domains, from 200+ Corpus of data

Parser accuracy is unparalleled, benchmarked against leading competitors and it continually learns from users

Perfected our AI powered Search & Match solution where candidates are stack ranked for recruiter efficiency using a Match Ranking Index (MRI)

Debiased, Transparent, Explainable AI that has been validated and crosswalked with many established standards

Insights driven, automated Talent Engagement Platform with Conversation AI Chatbot removes the tedious tasks of Screening, Scheduling, and Interviewing

Predictive analytics including Supply-Demand Intelligence for automated talent pipelining or nurture campaigns

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Recruiter efficiency gain


Screening efficiency gain


Reduction in Talent Acquisition Cost


Success rate of enriching 1 year old profiles


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