Career Sites

Attract and acquire talent with a friction free branded career site
Match right jobs to each candidate with AI
Accurately Parse resumes in any format or enable candidate to build their own profile with AI
Engage candidates with a Cognitive conversational AI chatbot
Brand & Post Jobs

Use AI to create a comprehensive Job Posting and distribute to other boards

Frictionless experience

Get candidates to apply for a job with less friction

Matching Jobs

Provide the right jobs based on intent and job search intelligence

Chatbot Engagement

Cognitive, naturally conversing Chatbot to collect resumes, match jobs

Intelligent Insights

Reduce bounce rates with user behavioral analytics


Attract candidates with your branded jobs

Build best Job Posting with AI powered job description builder that suggests missing or additional information

Brand your site to convey your values and purpose

With a click of button distribute your jobs to paid and free job boards and social sites

Automatically build a contextual query that can run against any external job boards to fetch top candidates

Create friction free candidate experience

Easy and secure login process using smart identity/access management options (Single-Sign-On, Social logins, etc.)

Frictionless apply using job board "easy apply" integrations

Eliminate abondoments with AI powered parser accuracy parses any format of CVs

Intelligent Profile Builder helps build resumes for candidates who don't have CVs

career sites

Why MapRecruit powered careersite?

Reduce your talent acquisition cost

Engage with your candidate by creating a seamless experience

Eliminate attrition using Intelligence and Insights

Increase your conversion rates (Visitors:Searches, Searches:Applies, Applies:Engaged, etc.) using behavioral analytics

Leverage technology to effectively engage with candidates

AI powered Parser eliminates data entry with any CV format

ML algorithms derives user intent to drive meaningful job search and accurately match jobs to the profile

Conversational AI chatbot can engage to collect missing info or pre-screen immediately for the job they applied

Speed up your Sourcing process

Leverage AI powered sourceAI, matchAI, and engageAI to create automated talent pipeline

Integrate with your HCM/ATS to move data seamlessly without data entry

Let us worry about the Scale, SEO, Languages and Compliance

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Deliver relevant jobs in realtime

AI matches jobs accurately by contextual understanding of the user profile

User intents are understood to drive better job search and match from candidates search behaviour

Mobile app capability allows candidates to apply from anywhere

Automatic job alerts keeps the talent engaged for a long time

Talent can refer jobs to their friends or colleagues with a simple click

Let ReA our Chatbot do the work....

Branded, conversational AI Chatbot that shows matching jobs, collect resumes or missing information

Enable chatbot to pre-screen candidates with relevant questions 24X7

Provide upskilling or re-skilling recommendations based on candidate's ambition

Make chatbot answer questions related to company, benefits, and recruitment process


Know your career site performance with intelligent insights

Capture insights beyond google analytics that can be predictive

Behavioral data like Jobs Searched vs Jobs Viewed vs Jobs Applied, Trending Jobs, Time spent before Applying, Jobs viewed before Applying etc.

Use these insights to reduce the bounce rate by 30-40% and increased the applies


Enhance candidate engagement


Accuracy in resume Parsing


Reduction in bounce rate


Increase in Applies


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