Instill fairness & inclusivity in recruiting

Source from a diversified talent pool including internal and employee data
Select objectively on Skills, Knowledge, and Potential to succeed in job
Remove conscious and unconscious bias from the recruitment process
Set and deliver on you recruitment diversity goals
Diversified Sourcing

Multichannel sourcing capabilities


Remove conscious and unconscious bias

Objective Matching

Contextual evaluation on skills and qualifications


Hide bias influencing attributes and use chatbot to engage

Accountable Evaluation

Capture hiring panel assessments of all qualified candidates


Deliver your goals with diversified talent pool

Leverage sourceAI multi-channel sourcing capabilities from job boards, social sites, job fairs, community groups, etc.

Eliminate friction in the apply process and offer profile builder solution for candidates

Refine search to support specific minority recruitment targets

Offer upskilling and reskilling recommendations for aspirational candidates

Remove conscious and unconscious bias

Automated resume parser captures 90+ attributes free of unconscious bias, replacing manual shortlisting

Brand with templates to showcase diverse culture and partnerships

Our data extraction for Jobs/CVs and matching algorithms do not use labelled data (supervised learning) that injects statistically significant unconscious bias

Recruiters review and select system ranked top talent for the job requirements


Contextually evaluate candidate’s qualifications

Objective Matching & Ranking consistently eliminates discrimination

Assess candidates matched criteria (skill fit, job fit, domain fit, job interest)

Evaluate ranked candidate’s experience & skills related to job requirements (not personal details)

Our Transparent and Explainable AI


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Anonymize non-essential data

Interviews – objectively evaluate candidate’s skills, knowledge and potential to succeed by posing consistent questions via impartial channels

Resumes – Easily hide Name, College, Company, Location with simple configurations

Engagement – Remove picture, name while using Chatbot ReA that is objective in conversation

Set accountability and evaluate

Know your diversity analytics available in the talent pool and set appropriate goals

Maprecruit allows for multiple interviewers or panel feedback into final ranking

Leverage hiring committees comprising of people with differing seniority, culture, beliefs, background, gender



Enriched 1 year old resumes


Cost reduction due to redundant data


Speed to identify and screen resumes


Chatbot positive feedback


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