Motivate your talent and retain...

Increase employee satisfaction by self analyzing current skill gaps with upskill/reskill recommendations
Retain your workforce with potential career recommendations
Motivate talent by providing learning recommendations to achieve their aspirational goals
Profile Builder

Build a profile easily using a mobile enabled profile builder

Skill Gap Analyzer

Use ML to analyze skill gaps for current and future role

Online Learning Plan

Create a personalized online learning plan

Career Recommendations

Get AI powered aspirational Career recommendations


Eliminate friction in building a profile

Upload any existing CV and let the AI based parser do its job

Talent can adjust or improve their profile using the mobile app at their convenience

Easily build a comprehensive profile with systems guidance

Let Talent self-evaluate their skill gaps

Let your workforce understand their skill gaps both in current role and their aspirational role

Percentage match visually shows where they stand currently

Insights into how to reskill or upskill so that they excel in the current role and prepare for the future role

Career Learning Recommendations

Why MapRecruit’s Career & Learning Recommendations?

Empower your workforce

Guide employees to identify their potential

Enable your workforce to have career growth systematically and at scale

Engage employees and drive retention

Create employee satisfaction with AI powered skill gap analysis and guidance

Use AI recommended curated learning recommendations to progress and retain them

Reduce your talent acquisition cost

Know what skills you have internally with Supply-Demand Analytics

Use Skill Gap analyzer to look for internal opportunities first

Develop employees to promote from within

Superior technology that truly engage employees

Leverage AI powered Knowledge Graph to accurately analyze skill gaps and reveal relevant skills to acquire

Allows to seamlessly integrate with online learning platforms and create a personal learning plan

Want to learn more?


Invest to achieve full potential

Leverage integrations with leading online learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy or any LMS

Map a learning plan and manage courses all from one place

Personalized learning and development

Make it easier to acquire newer relevant skills

Engage employees in their career aspirations...

Let employees set their career aspirations both short term and long term

AI powered Skill Gap Analyzer automatically curates and recommends skills that need to be acquired based on talent’s aspiration and their current skills

ML algorithm also recommends career and role based on the skills they possess and typical natural progression



Enriched 1 year old resumes


Cost reduction due to redundant data


Speed to identify and screen resumes


Chatbot positive feedback


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