Resume & Job Parser

Accurately Parse resumes and job postings/descriptions in 30+ languages
Eliminate candidate friction with a parser that quickly and intelligently parses almost any type of document
Deep learning models understands the context and intent of the candidate from the resume while translating recruiter's intent from job requirements
Resume Parser

Derive contextual insights from Resumes and Job Postings using Neural Nets

Job Parser

Extract 32+ attributes from job requirements to facilitate accurate matching

Validate Contact Info

Data validation for emails and phone numbers

Parsing by Chatbot

Cognitive, naturally conversing Chatbot to collect resumes and Parse


Use AI job parser for
apples-to-apples comparision

ML algorithm understands the context of the Job/Requisition and translates the intent

Convert unstructured job content to a structured comparable requirements

Automatically build a contextual query that can run against any external job boards to fetch top candidates

Increase accuracy of matching with parsed job and candidate data enabled by AI powered Knowledge Graph

Most accurate,
AI powered parser(s).

Translates the inherent details and context of the candidates experience(s), skills, education, etc., mapped against a proprietary Knowledge Graph (KG)

MapRecruit's parser is our proprietary IP that accurately extract 90+ attributes in 30+ languages

Many aspects of AI including Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Deep Learning used


Why MapRecruit’s parser?


Continually learns and adopts from a diverse, 200+ sources of external & internal corpus of data


Extract 90+ attributes; insights like Recently & Past Used Skills, Known Skills, Gaps in Employment, Loyalty, etc. at 93% accuracy

Domains & Languages

Trained and validated for 20+ domains within HR vertical; supports 30+ languages


Parse any profile within 0.5 seconds with output ready for visualization

Input Formats

doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt, ods, odt, ott, htm, html, xls, xlsx

Output Formats

Parsed content in standard formats like HrXml, JASON or any custom formats using API connectors

ATS Integration

Integrate easily with your in-house or any 3rd party ATS


REST or SOAP integration available

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Instantly validate contact info

Validate email addresses and phone numbers for accuracy and outreach

ML algorithm identifies duplicates across different sources, and either merges the duplicate profiles or keeps the updated one, while deduplicating effectively

Engage candidates with a
branded chatbot

Branded, conversational AI Chatbot that engage a smooth conversation with candidates

Collect resumes, immediately parse the resume and show matching jobs to the candidates

Eliminate candidate friction by having all such interactions happen within the chat



Languages supported


Resumes Parsed


Jobs Parsed


Resume Parser Attributes


Job Parser Attributes


Effort & time reduction in screening resumes


Accuracy in resume Parsing


Reduction in bounce rate


Increase in Applies


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