Monetize your stale resume data

Prevent increasing number of stale resumes
Break the silos, unify the data from various internal sources and enrich
Prevent users downloading the same profiles from different job boards
Search and match profiles across all your sources
Automatic Sourcing

Use Job Posting to automatically find candidates from anywhere

Enrich Profiles

Use ML to validate, dedupe, and unify candidate profiles

Engage Chatbot

Cognitive, naturally conversing Chatbot to collect missing or new info

Supply Demand Analytics

Derive Supply-Demand data from Jobs and Resumes


Source from Job Boards & Social sites automatically

ML algorithm built contextual query runs against any external job boards to fetch top candidates

Systematically enhance profiles from social sites(LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, Stack Overflow)

AI validates, dedupues, unifies and updates candidate profiles

Cut talent acquisition cost by using your central repository of candidates

Unlock the value in your stale data

ML algorithm identifies duplicates across different sources, and either merges the duplicate profiles or keeps the updated one, while deduplicating effectively

Refresh data by nurturing candidates with matching jobs, collect new or updated profile info or provide reskilling or upskilling recommendations

Resume Enrichment

Why enrich resumes?

Stop paying for the same resume

Acquiring same candidate profile by multiple recruiters from same or different job board is not only inefficient but adds unnecessary cost

Use sourceAI platform to intelligently acquire not only top profiles but latest information from the job board that is providing best information

Use what you paid for already

Bring all profiles into one central repository

Match candidates from your central repository first using our matchAI solution.

Engage matching talent with your jobs and create an automated pipeline using our EngageAI product

Reduce your talent acquisition cost

Know what you have with Supply-Demand Analytics

Use predictive analytics to create best sourcing strategies by skill, location or even job board

Enrich profiles at fractional cost

Refresh your data systematically by enriching profiles from social sites

Proactively engage with suitable candidates instead of "Post and Pray" strategy

Optimize with automation

Leverage AI powered sourceAI, matchAI, and engageAI to create a dynamic talent marketing automation

Let ReA our chatbot do the work in collecting latest, relevant information and interest from candidates

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Know what you have as inventory...

Bring all the jobs and candidate data into a central repository

Let our AI powered parser convert unstructured data to structured data that can show visually what you have as candidates inventory

Leverage the categorized candidate data by job titles, industry, location, education, skills, etc. to meet your needs

Use the Supply-Demand data to drive your sourcing strategy (job board that caters to specific skills, location, nurture campaigns)

Let the chatbot do the work for you...

Use Cognitive chatbot to reach out to candidates

Collect resumes or missing information while matching jobs in real-time

Provide skill recommendations to match their career objectives

Solicit candidate referrals and enable another sourcing channel



Enriched 1 year old resumes


Cost reduction due to redundant data


Speed to identify and screen resumes


chatbot positive feedback


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