Match Ranking Index

Match, Rank and Visualize candidates at scale

AI powered 3 way Matching: Talent-to-Job, Job-To-Talent, Talent-to-Talent
Stack Rank candidates with a Match Ranking Index generated by ML algorithm to identify top talent
Increase productivity by reviewing only candidates who meet the job requirement
3-way Match

AI powered matching (talent-to-job, jobs-to-talent, find similar talent)


Score & stack rank candidates based on 6 key criteria; shortlist for screening

Job Search & Match

Frictionless engagement, intent based job search and match


Match candidates to jobs at scale with AI

Identify top matched candidates using a Deep Learning enabled Knowledge Graph that continually learns

AI powered MapRecruit's parsers converts unstructured intent into structured content for apples-to-apples comparision and matching

Derived attributes like used skills and its duration & weights enable 85% accuracy in matching compared to other competitors

Focus on top ranked talent in seconds...

AI based matching engine cognitively understands the intent of the job requirement and maps the best matching candidates based on similarity of titles, skills, experience, etc.

Match Rank Index (MRI) shows stack ranked candidates based on Job Title, Skills, Education, Experience, Industry and Location

Configure MRI to suit your organizational needs

Match & Rank

MatchAI power and differentiators?


No keyword matching!! Our ML algorithms understand the intent, synonyms, canonical forms, entity relations for better accuracy


85% accuracy due to AI matching on the vectors derived from 200+ corpus of internal & external data

Domains & Languages

Trained and validated for 20+ domains within HR vertical; supports 30+ languages


Our industry leading AI based Job & resume parsers, converts unstructured stories of resumes and jobs to structured content resulting in best matching on intents

Explainable AI

Matching algorithm is not a black box; it is transparent and explainable, validated and crosswalked to many standards


Integrate easily with your in-house or any 3rd party ATS; REST or SOAP API integration available


Intelligent and Engaging
Job search/match for career sites

Create engagement with AI powered Job Matching for candidates based on their profile

Candidate Job Search with Machine Learning surfaces relevant jobs by understanding the intent of the user

Mobile app enables search, match and apply process "a swipe away"

Refine results or discover
for special needs

Discover candidates with speciality skills by adjusting filters

Support diversity program by honing in on specific attributes such as educational institution

Screen or Nurture candidates based on ranking using our automated engageAI product

... ...


Languages supported


Resumes Parsed


Jobs Parsed


Resume Parser Attributes


Knowledge Graph training (Corpus of data)


Effort & time reduction in screening resumes


Accuracy in Matching


Speed to identify & Screen


Cost reduction due to redundant data


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