Most comprehensive, Intelligent, end-to-end talent acquisition platform.                                          

Attract, Source, Match, Engage, and Qualify candidates faster than ever.

A powerful multichannel & multilingual candidate engagement platform.                                                     

Brand, outreach, Pre-screen, and Review AI graded responses all in one place.

Enable productivity and engagement with a most accurate and robust Matching and Ranking platform.

HR domain specific powerful Knowledge Graph that continually learns, transparent and explainable AI

A powerful, most comprehensive, AI driven, end-to-end Talent Acquisition Platform

Built from the ground up for a seamless experience


End-to-end recruitment process automation

MapRecruits’ AI powered system generates efficiency at every step of the recruitment process enabling recruiters to build better relationships with candidates at scale

Source to Selection, all in one intelligent
easy to use platform.

Recruiters can Source, Match, Engage, Pre-Screen, Qualify, and Interview all-in-one place, from any device.

Engage and Screen candidates at scale

Personalize your message through your channel of choice, generate meaningful engagement, and Pre-Screen or Screen using AI.

Reduce cost of talent acquisition

Source top candidates from job boards, professional and social sites; nurture based on demand; automate low-value process.


Meet ReA
Our Chatbot

Engage in any language; 105+ languages supported with translation and detection for global reach

Collect missing info, parse resume, job recommendations, and respond to pre-screening

Schedule interviews, enable video or audio interviews right within the bot

Intent based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to enable a smooth and engaging conversation

Our custom built Knowledge Graph & AI Matching Algorithms guides the candidate to the right job, parse resumes to understand qualifications


Talent Acquisition leaders

Get insights into every stage of your talent acquisition process

Identify areas of opportunities and generate efficiencies

Know the engagement level of your candidates

Leverage predictive supply-demand analytics to plan for the future


Check status and pulse of your recruitment process from any device

Use AI recommendations and scores to review the top performers

Expand outreach with less effort


Be in the know of where you are in the process

Engage friction free from anywhere



Resumes Parsed


Jobs Parsed


Emails Sent




Recruiter Efficiency Gain


Reduction in Talent Acquisition Cost


Screening efficiency gain


Success rate of enriching 1 year old profiles

Frictionless job apply and engagement

Eliminate Friction


Mobile First



Enhanced candidate engagement

Productivity and efficiency at every step



No Data Entry

Mobile First


Speed to Identify and Screen

HR Leaders
Recruitment transformation with reduced cost

Speed(Days vs Weeks)



Diversity & Inclusion


Reduction in talent acquisition Cost

Our differentiation

Comprehensive Knowledge Graph continually grows using Machine Learning, maintains the Ontology of relevant entities within 20+ HR domains, from 200+ Corpus of data

Parser accuracy is unparalleled, benchmarked against leading competitors and it continually learns from users

Perfected our AI powered Search & Match solution where candidates are stack ranked for recruiter efficiency using a Match Ranking Index (MRI)

Debiased, Transparent, Explainable AI that has been validated and crosswalked with many established standards

Insights driven, automated Talent Engagement Platform with Conversation AI Chatbot removes the tedious tasks of Screening, Scheduling, and Interviewing

Predictive analytics including Supply-Demand Intelligence for automated talent pipelining or nurture campaigns

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Match Ranking Index + Engagement Matrix + Emotional Quotient
10X Recruiter Productivity

trusted by market leaders

“Maprecruit.AI has given my team the capacity to focus on customer experience by removing the need for repeatable, predictable tasks. We’ve never had more people focused on the customer than we do right now, and the numbers prove it with satisfaction ratings in the mid 90%’s. Maprecruit.AI is an essential tool in how we scale to meet today’s needs and envision solutions for tomorrow. ”

Brandy Cline
Vice President, Global Total Talent Delivery

“MapRecruit engaged with Randstad to provide end-to-end HR Technology Solutions since 2015, their partnership is commendable. With their deep understanding of HR Domain, valuable Intellectual Property, innovative products, expertise in Data Science & Emerging Technologies would make them a great partner & achieve desired ROI for any enterprise implementing HR Technologies. MapRecruit’s HR Domain knowledge & technical maturity is hard to find in the market.”

Rahul Ganorkar
VP, Enterprise Applications at Randstad USA

“We value our association with MapRecruit as HR technology solutions partner, to enable enterprises powering Performance, Engagement, Career & Learning. Using MapRecruit’s Knowledge Graph, our clients have the opportunity to translate their capabilities into innovative business values. We are able to institutionalize the intelligence MapRecruit offer into practices that facilitate a distinctive experience on how talent join, learn, perform and grow in enterprises of tomorrow. The flexibility and commitment demonstrated by the team is a key factor differentiating MapRecruit in the HR technology ecosystem we support”

Kavitha Venkatachalam
Global Lead – Solutions, People Practices

“Our partnership with Maprecruit has grown over the years with greater reliability and service quality. Their parsing and matching capabilities are superior to the market and product proposition continues to evolve for adding greater value to clients.”

Vikramjit Singh Sahaye
Founder & CEO

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