Engage with candidates with their channel & language of choice, Increase candidate engagement with a comprehensive recruitment marketing automation platform.

Brand your engagement
Outreach with candidates by their channel of choice and timing
Pre-screen using AI generated questions
Leverage dynamic workflows to setup sequential or conditional or both
Exploit conversational cognitive chatbot all conversations (nurturing, pre-screening, reminders, follow ups, collect missing information, and more)

Templates for easy branding of recruitment marketing campaigns

Dynamic Workflows

Setup conditional, sequential and automatic multiple screening rounds

AI Generated Questions

Use AI generated Pre-Screening questions or add your own questions

Outreach & Engage

Execute campaigns parallely thru multiple channels (SMS, Email, Chatbot, Audio, Video)

Graded Response

Automatically graded responses to enable recruiter to easily review & shortlist


Brand your
message and engage

Templates for easy branding

Brand for all channels of communication from one place

Sophisticated AI powered recruitment marketing automation platform

workflows with a click

Enable multiple workflows to execute campaigns automatically

Create conditional workflows or sequential workflows or both

Automate knockout rounds using Pre-Screening and Screening options


Meet ReA, Our conversational cognitive chatbot



Powered by personalized, intent based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to provide a smooth and engaging conversational experience


Proprietary Knowledge Graph & AI Matching Algorithms guides the candidate to the right job while parsing & understanding their resume


Let candidates attend Audio/Video interviews through the bot, at their own convenience. Create best candidate experience with flexibility and ease of use.


Let the users engage in a language they are comfortable with. ReA can converse in 105+ languages with translation and detection for users globally


Customize ReA to your promote and engage with your brand


Screen faster with
AI generated questions

Automatic generation of pre-screening questions related to industry, domain and skill

Create and add job specific or company specific questions on the fly

Select additional relevant questions from the repository

Engage 1000’s of candidates in seconds

Execute campaigns with branded job info and questionnaire

Reach out to Matched candidates via Email, SMS, WhatsApp

Candidates can engage at their convenience through various channels (multilingual chatbot, browser, mobile app, voice call)


Power of EngageAI


AI algorithm calculates Emotional Quotient and grades responses for easy review and shortlisting


Systematically engage or conduct nurture campaigns with active and passive candidates with a sophisticated recruitment marketing automation platform


Brand your compelling message thru multichannel outreach along with a multilingual conversational AI based chatbot


Automated screening, grading and scheduling dramatically increase recruiter efficiency; AI generates pre-screening questions relevant to job and industry

Fair & Unbiased

Qualitative, quantitative, skills, experience and performance type attributes used for stack ranking within the peer group


Integrate easily with your in-house or any 3rd party ATS; REST or SOAP API integration available

Let AI do the work to
identify top talent

Candidates graded by their response, speed, engagement matrix for further nurturing or qualifying

Emotional Quotient (EQ) enables recruiters to listen to top performing candidates and move to qualifying (video or face to face interview)

Recruiters can review 10X more candidates at 70% reduced effort

Digital candidate tracking is provided in an engagement matrix as active vs passive for automatic recruitment processing or talent marketing campaigns



Chatbot Languages


Interviews assessed

Countries reached

Engagement Channels(Chatbot, Text, Audio, Video)


Effort & time reduction in screening resumes


Effort saved in scheduling


Speed to Identify & Screen


Net Promoter Score (NPS)


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